The Next Perspective in Real Estate ®

Monograph Provides Comprehensive Introduction to Next Realty

In addition to introducing the firm’s principals and other staff members critical to Next Realty’s success, The Next Perspective on Multi-Solution™ Investing details the investment strategy that has been 20-plus years in the making at Next. The monograph highlights successful investments the firm has made, shares the lessons it has learned over the years and showcases the expertise and thought leadership pieces of the firm’s founder, Andy Hochberg.

The monograph is a collection of information the firm uses for those who may not be familiar with how the firm has progressed  and performed since its founding in 1998. It is also a great refresher for investors and friends of Next Realty who have worked alongside the firm for years.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the The Next Perspective on Multi-Solution™ Investing, please contact Jocelyn Donnelly at


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