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200 W. Randolph: Best Supporting Location in a Feature Film

The 400+ space parking garage at 200 W. Randolph (Randolph & Wells) in Chicago’s CBD has been one of Next Realty’s most storied properties, and for Batman enthusiasts around the world, one of Next’s most recognizable acquisitions.

Next acquired the asset in 2002 as the firm continued to grow and expand its portfolio of owned and managed parking facilities. The garage’s “big break” came in 2008 when it was cast in a supporting role in the Batman movie “The Dark Night.”

The parking structure’s rooftop was the location from where the iconic bat symbol was projected into the night sky. It also played a role in a number of other scenes, depicted in the video below.

While Next sold 200 W. Randolph in 2013, to this date it remains a great story to tell, from an investment perspective as well as Chicago movie trivia.


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