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Next Realty’s investment strategy is focused on acquiring, repositioning, and improving operations of underperforming assets. Our principals provide significant capital alongside that of our investors because we believe it is the best place for our own assets. Next Realty has a demonstrated track record of exemplary realized returns over a number of real estate cycles and many of our investors have been investing with us since inception.


The principals of Next Realty have been working together for more than 15 years and have a combined total of over 80 years of diverse real estate industry experience.

Andrew S. Hochberg
Founder and CEO • 847.881.2001

Marc Blum
President and COO • 847.881.2002

Eteri Zaslavsky
Managing Director • 847.881.2018

Dave Fitzsimmons
Property Controller  • 847.881.2017

Gary Kaplan
Director of Property Management • 847.881.2016

Amy Levin
Director of Leasing • 847.881.2008

Carole Mostow
Director of Marketing and Public Relations  • 847.881.2023

Jack Ramirez
Vice President of Finance  • 847.881.2014

Over the past 25 years, Next Realty has been committed to executing our investment strategy, steadily growing our portfolio, and maximizing returns for our investors. Our track record of substantial realized returns reflects our disciplined investment approach and our active asset management, both of which contribute to our financial performance and our overall success.