What is a Multi-Solution™ Investment Strategy?

Our Multi-Solution™ investment strategy is primarily focused on acquiring, repositioning, and improving operations of underperforming assets in our target markets.

Because they too represent the right deal at the right time, we learn of and pursue additional opportunities in other markets which are attractive.

Our team strengthens their disciplined investment approach with active asset management practices in order to maximize the operations and financial performance of our portfolio. We are a nimble and agile organization. We react quickly, yet cautiously, to serve as a responsible steward of our investors’ capital.

Proven Track Record

Next Realty sets the bar high in defining what it means to be successful. Since our inception in 1998, Next Realty has rigorously and diligently pursued hundreds, even thousands of opportunities. While ultimately completing over transactions across multiple asset types and locations, these investments represent nearly $635M in gross asset value nationwide.

About the Next Realty Team

At Next Realty, our core team has been working together for nearly 15 years and has established a collaborative process that benefits the properties in our portfolio at all stages of the investment lifecycle. Our investment returns are achieved by the creative and collaborative insights of our team. Our success comes from buying high quality properties and executing on property specific business plans from acquisition to repositioning to stabilization. Everyone on our team, the principals, leasing directors, property managers, accounting and marketing departments, analysts, and administrative support, play an integral role in our company’s success.

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