The Next Perspective in Real Estate ®


Next Realty Competitive Advantages

PATIENCE in Evaluation

  • Next forsters relationships with industry professionals who present investment opportunities.
  • We identify , evaluate, and track each opprunity presented.
  • Once selected as a potential investment, Next’s aquisitions team asseses risk at the property level through in-depth due diligence which includes physical, financial, and market factors.

AGILITY in Closing the Deal

  • Next Realty is transparent in its purchasing process and pricing.
  • We deliver certainty of closing; we are generally the most enticing buyer even if we are not the highest buyer.
  • Our fund model and srtong banking relationships enable us to close quickly.


  • The Next Realty Investment portfolio is caried by asset class, geography, and tenant rosters.
  • Property and hold periods average 5-7 years, adjusting according to each property’s specific business plan.
  • Next Investors benefit from strong performance or returns throughout market cycles.
Next Realty Value Proposition: Multi-Solution™ Strategy in Action

The Multi-Solution™ Investment Strategy Enhances Yields Through:

  • Adaptive Reuse and Renovations
  • Modification of Capital Structures
  • Improved Operations
  • Creative Lease-Up

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