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Being a subject matter expert creates opportunities—most notably to position an individual as an authority on various subjects. In addition to paving the way for Eteri’s participation on featured panels at industry conferences, subject matter experts are authors as well, offering insights and perspectives in print.

Andy Hochberg and Michael Nichols recently showcased their expertise, contributing articles for well-respected business, real estate, and parking industry media outlets. The following is a brief description of those pieces and a link to the full article.

In June, Michael Nichols, President, Next Parking, penned an article for Parking Magazine, one of the must reads for professionals involved in the parking industry as investors, owners, operators, and managers. Mike’s article looked at how rapidly the industry is changing, given changes in technology, standard operating procedures, and the current economic climate, and how to move forward.

In the Spring, Andy Hochberg published an article “Understanding Main Street Investors…” looking at the lessons he has learned about the perspectives and patterns he has seen in attracting Main Street versus Wall Street investors.  Look for another Forbes Real Estate Council article that looks at maintaining and evolving a competitive advantage to ensure business longevity.

As issues warrant, and questions arise, Andy and the leadership team craft responses to investor questions about economic issues and their impact on Next’s investment portfolios. In the midst of the Fed’s actions to curb inflation by raising interest rates, Andy responded to some of the most commonly asked questions.


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