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Andy Hochberg, In Print

Andy Hochberg, In Print

At the end of 2020 we announced that Andy Hochberg, Next Realty’s Founder, CEO and Managing Principal, had been named to the Forbes Real Estate Council, which is part of the Forbes’ Councils, a collection of invitation-only communities in specific industries. The membership on the Council recognizes Andy’s expertise in the commercial real estate industry and his demonstrated track record of methods for success.

Since the beginning of the year, Andy has published two noteworthy articles for the Forbes Real Estate Council, touching on current business issues relevant to real estate industry leaders and peers.

The first article, Can Your Credit Tenant Become Your Primary Risk?, was published in January. The article examines the question at a deeper level considering the scenarios where a credit tenant moves from asset to risk. In this article, Andy also discusses how investors can safeguard against those risks along with offering strategies to navigate those potential events.

The second article, published in May, is titled, Can You Influence Your Own Luck? The piece is a follow-up to Andy’s assessment of the new industry standard:  Location, Liquidity, Luck®. Andy chronicles that while luck cannot be manufactured, investors can take steps to help influence outcomes as he provides tips on how to enhance your ability to become the beneficiary of good luck.

Enjoy Andy in print!