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Lights, Camera, Action!

One of the focal points of the 25th anniversary celebration was the creation of a short video telling the story of Next Realty, through the perspectives of a number of tenured senior professionals who have made significant contributions to the firm.

The video opens with a wide angle shot of the 5215 building where Next is based and a voiceover of Andy Hochberg explaining, “Risk is inherent in everything you do … and the key question is are you getting paid for the risk you are taking.”

This thought process guides the acquisition, property management and operating philosophies at Next Realty as it executes an overall corporate business plan as well as individual business plans for each property it acquires. Next’s overarching objective is to ensure that investors are compensated for the risks associated with each property investment.

The video, housed on and highlighted in social media posts, introduces the firm’s principals as well as individuals who have roles in Next’s acquisition, leasing, property management, and accounting functions. Over the course of less than five minutes Marc Blum, Eteri Zaslavsky, Tina Jensen, Jack Ramirez, Carole Mostow, Amy Levin and others share a variety of perspectives, including:

  • In property management, every day provides new and challenging situations;
  • The great thing is there aren’t a lot of layers for making decisions at Next;
  • We all have and work toward the common goals that are at hand.

Common themes surrounding the company’s culture were expressed, such as “what makes Next Realty is the people who are like family,” and “collectively we are a well-oiled machine,” and “we are a team willing to embrace change.”

Near the end of the video, as Andy expresses his pride in building Next Realty and achieving the 25th anniversary milestone, he perfectly encapsulates the firm’s motivation, “At Next, our investors are our friends and our friends are our investors.”



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