The Next Perspective in Real Estate ®

More Lessons Learned

Some of the greatest lessons learned by Andy Hochberg during the 25-year history of Next Realty, and before, were featured in the Spring Issue of The Next Perspective in Real Estate®. In this issue, we highlight lessons learned by other members of the Next Realty team.

  • In all transactions, whether it’s a lease, an acquisition or a disposition, there comes a point where it’s “good enough.” ~ Marc Blum
  • Nothing matters more than the partners that you chose (both personally and professionally).  Our Next Realty team has stayed together through thick and thin.  Even in the more difficult times, we have handled things with respect, ethics and compassion.  This is the main reason I have worked here for so long.  ~ Eteri Zaslavsky
  • Nothing is easy!  Things usually don’t go as planned or as underwritten.  Success in this business requires perseverance, capital and luck.  ~ Eteri Zaslavsky
  • Go with your instinct; it’s usually correct.
  • Sometimes the best deal you do is the deal you don’t do.

Cumulatively, these lessons learned, regardless of who learned them, may be best summed up by Amy Levin who said, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.” Taking that a step further, the reality is that if you are learning, that’s a win.